Handy resources to learn Javascript

Javascript is the language of the Internet. I have curated handy resources across the web to learn Javascript.

Best Resources for learning Javascript

Let's get started.

Why Javascript?

  • It is the language of the INTERNET.
  • Works on Backend as well as Frontend, so if you are getting started, it keeps your options open.
  • All you need is an IDE and browser to get started, no complicated setup.
  • It's easy to get started.
  • JS has a great community that can help you when you are stuck.

1 Page Intro to Javascript

JavaScript For Cats

If you are learning Javascript for the first time, you might love this great 1 page intro.

It also covers the way to run your first Javascript program using "the Console".

It covers all important aspects of the language like Strings, values, variables, functions, built-in functions, loops, arrays, objects, and callbacks. These are the basic building block of any software written in Javascript.

Even your cats would love it.😺

Bible of Javascript

This resource is something that you would need to refer to in your career again and again. This is Mozilla's extensive documentation.


This is also referred to as the Bible of Javascript. If you really want to be good at Javascript in the long run, this is going to be your go-to place.

Build 30 Projects in 30 days

You cannot learn programming just by cramming or reading or watching tons of tutorials on Youtube. You can only learn programming by building something. Build and Learn at Javascript30.

These folks will teach you to make 30 projects in 30 days with 30 tutorials. How cool is that? Visit javascript30.com for more.

Learn Advanced parts of Javascript

Once you are a professional, then you might need to go into more details, more advanced parts, the parts which are used in most important pieces of the projects. Javascript.info provides just that.

It has a specific section to improve code quality. How useful is that? Go ask any great professional.

You can also learn how to debug the web’s most loved language.

Handy books for Javascript

Do you love books? Me too 😃

👉 EloquentJavascript

Here is a free online book for getting started with Javascript https://eloquentjavascript.net

You should really learn Higher Order Functions, Async Programming and Drawing on HTML5 Canvas from this e-book.

Eloquent Javascript covers all important aspects of Javascript including intro to Node.js. It's written by Martin Haverbeke.

Eloquent JS Cover

👉 Head First Javascript

You want a brain-friendly way to learn Javascript. Get this book (No affiliates) This is the single most remarkable book of my entire degree. I highly recommend it to anyone who is programming the first time in his/her life. You can buy it from Amazon.

Head First Javascript Programming Brain Friendly

Online Courses

Online Courses are a great way to learn to program for some but only if you follow along, build it on your own, try to make some changes, and try to understand what really you are doing and why you would need it in real life programs

👉 Code Academy Course

A 30-hour interactive course on Codeacademy. www.codecademy.com/learn/introduction-to-javascript

👉 Intro course by Udacity

I love Udacity, and I love how they teach, I learned almost everything from them in my early days. Here is a great beginner course to start with


👉 Free course by Microsoft to learn Javascript

Free course for beginners by Experts at Microsoft.


Do I need to tell you about Microsoft?

More Resources by freeCodeCamp

If you reach thus far and want to learn even more then I would like you to read 30 Free Resources To Help You Learn JavaScript Fundamentals by freeCodeCamp.

It also includes further steps like writing clean code, closures, ES6, and more.


If you just want to clear your college exam or start quick This is the best resource to learn JS.


Wikibook format for learning js

If you love Wiki format, this would be a great one for you. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/JavaScript/Introduction

Devs to follow

It would be great to have some heroes or mentors while learning something. Because you can get to know about industry standards, about what's really important and the latest updates in Javascript.

Follow great people on Twitter and follow their blogs/Youtube channels.

I recommend the following developers for Javascript.

  1. @SimonHoiberg - Simon is a Javascript expert. Check out his channel for short videos on important programming concepts. His tweets include Javascript tips and much more.

  2. @ravinwashere - Ravin is a javascript lover and he posts some great resources and tips on Javascript programming in his tweets. Definitely check his wall.

  3. Florin Pop - Florin Pop has a great youtube channel where he posts series of videos on Javascript Concepts and also programming challenges. You should definitely check out 10 hours 10 projects challenge on his channel.

  4. @FrancescoCiull4 - Francesco interviews other amazing developers on his Youtube channel. He is a Javascript / Docker expert.

  5. @flaviocopes - Flavio has a great blog on programming. He posts almost daily. You name a JS topic, he has it on his blog. Definitely worth checking out.

  6. @DThompsonDev - If you are missing inspiration for programming, then Danny is the man for you.

They will teach you a lot. They are super awesome and experienced devs. If you like, you can also reach out to me on my Twitter DM. Link is mentioned in the footer.

Happy Coding

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